Abu Dhabi GP practice & how great is Alonso?

Related Video and AudioComing upPlay audio Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – 2nd Practice from BBC Radio 5 liveAbu Dhabi Grand Prix – 2nd PracticeGot a TV Licence?You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC programmes on iPlayer. It’s the law.Find out moreSummaryFirst practice under way – audio commentary at top of pageSecond practice 13:00Robert Kubica returns to F1Get involved #bbcf1: how great is Alonso?Live ReportingBy Niamh LewisAll times stated are UKGet involvedSend a text to 81111 (charged at your standard message rate)Twitter: Use the hashtag #bbcf1Facebook: BBC SportPosted at 9:399:39Post update









Posted at 9:379:37Yellow flagMarcus Ericsson, trying to remind us that he’s still here during the final weekend, he skids into the wall…He’s got some front wing damage.Posted at 9:369:36Post updateJolyon PalmerFormer Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraA great final sector for Max Verstappen, he got right up to the high curb on the outside of turn 20 but didn’t nibble too much of it – that would’ve cost them time. Red Bull already had the fastest final sector with Daniel Ricciardo but they’ve out done it.Posted at 9:359:35Post updateVerstappen tops the board with a 1:39.287, two tenths quicker than Hamilton with a quick final sector.Posted at 9:319:31Leclerc at FerrariJolyon PalmerFormer Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraI do think Charles Leclerc could be a game changer for Ferrari. If Ferrari build a good car again, then I think he could be stronger than Kimi Raikkonen has been this season. It could also give Sebastian Vettel that extra motivation and push he needs to find that extra tenth a second. Posted at 9:299:29Post updateOk, we have some lap times. Hamilton leads with a 1:39.675 followed by:2. Bottas3. Raikkonen4. Ocon5. VettelPosted at 9:279:27Get InvolvedAl: Fernando Alonso is undoubtedly one of the greatest F1 drivers in the history of F1. It is such a shame that we never got to see him regularly fighting for world championships against Lewis, Seb, as I think he would have won a few more titles given the chance.Stephen Taylor: I’m not sure Sirokin has been given a proper chance but sometimes in F1 1 chance is your only chance. Sergey like Ericsson was a nice guy but only showed sporadic speed RK’s return is a great human story but will he have the stamina and racecraft to still cut in F1Gordon Lindsay: What’s the chances of everyone moving over on the last lap and letting Fernando Alonso win (if he is still running of course!)?I actually had a dream about this the other night. But Alonso would probably hate to be gifted a win.Posted at 9:269:26Mercedes power unit problemsThink back to two weeks ago and you’ll remember the race that Lewis Hamilton won in Brazil wasn’t without it’s engine troubles.Mercedes say: “The problem in
Brazil was caused by a failure in the variable inlet system that caused
unstable combustion. Engine settings were changed to contain the risk of
failure and maximise performance during the race. We have made hardware changes
outside the sealed perimeter and we are running that engine (PU3) today. Data
will be reviewed after FP2 to make sure all OK.”Posted at 9:259:25Team radio – To BottasEngineer: “You’ll need to relearn the gears again, because we reset them.”Posted at 9:239:23Kubica’s comebackThe power of the story and the resilience of its subject are unmissable – Robert Kubica will race in Formula 1 next year eight long years after he was nearly killed, and with what can only be described as a disability.The 33-year-old Pole’s withered right arm is a testament to the brutal battle Kubica has fought since much of the right side of his body was smashed by a road-side barrier that penetrated his car on a rally in northern Italy in February 2011.At the time, he was one of F1’s brightest stars, poised to start his second season with Renault, and had already signed to join Ferrari as Fernando Alonso’s team-mate in 2012.But that possible future was torn away from him when he lost control on a chilly mountain road, hit that barrier end on and was left fighting for his life, with a partially severed right arm and multiple fractures.Read more here.Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesKubica raced in the WRC Wales Rally Great Britain in 2013 (pictured) but went on to win the inaugural WRC-2 titleImage caption: Kubica raced in the WRC Wales Rally Great Britain in 2013 (pictured) but went on to win the inaugural WRC-2 titlePosted at 9:209:20Post updateEveryone except Carlos Sainz has been out, but nobody has set a lap time yet.Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesPosted at 9:189:18Lewis Hamilton: Number 1Andrew BensonBBC Sport’s chief F1 writer at Yas MarinaLewis Hamilton has a
number one on his car this weekend, but it’s an addition rather than a change.
The world champion is entitled to carry the number one the following season as
a reference to his status, but Hamilton has always chosen to stay with his
number 44.Mercedes say: “It is car 44 on the entry list and timing screens
and races under this number – the number is still present on the engine cover.
But Lewis has requested and been given permission to run the number 1 on the
nose at this final race of the season because he’s world champion. And it’s
even a nice shade of metallic red to match his helmet!”MercedesCopyright: MercedesPosted at 9:129:12Max Verstappen is fed up of being criticisedFed up of being criticised on his post-race incident with Ocon in Brazil, for shoving him in the weigh-in room, he feels no different on the incident two weeks later.He says: “We are all emotional and at the time I had lost a victory. Pushing, in any sport, it happens. I actually saw it a few days ago in football again. So from my side, I thought it was quite a calm response.”Verstappen said he only reacted the way he did because of something the Force India driver said.”You don’t hear what is said, you just see me pushing. I was after an apology and I got a bit of a different response,” Verstappen added.And let’s be honest, we saw a relatively calm Max, not a mad one.Read the full story here.Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesPosted at 9:109:10Get Involved#bbcf1 how great is Alonso?Euan: Alonso is definitely an F1 great even if the stats don’t show it. Very few drivers could have dragged the cars he has driven up the field as he has done.Stewart: Alonso may not have had the best luck in picking his teams, and he’s been involved in plenty of controversial incidents, however it doesn’t take away the fact that on his day he’s always been one of the best drivers on the grid. F1 has been lucky to have him.Bob McFeil: This is the third consecutive race weekend I’ve said this, but Alonso really is one of the best and F1 next year will be exciting, but missing that something which is Alonso.Posted at 9:079:07We’re on for practiceWe have some changes. As mentioned, Kubica is in for Sirotkin, and Giovinazzi is in for Charles Leclerc.Posted at 8:588:58’I’m ready for it’Robert Kubica will be driving in the first practice session today in replacement of Sergey Sirotkin. Speaking to Sky Sports Kubica says: “It’s a big day for me end of a long challenge and been a big journey in the last eight years and I thank everyone who helped me.””I’m starting a new challenge and I’m looking forward to be back in the F1 grid. It’s amazing for everyone and you can imagine, that I lost my drive in 2011 and now I’m able to say that I’ll be on the grid. I know what it takes to be a good F1 driver because I’ve been there before – it takes a lot of dedication and I’m ready for it. I miss it and its a good feeling, the more I talk about it the more excited I am about it.”Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesPosted at 8:578:57BBC coverageOur first practice session will be underway in a few minutes time.Our commentary team of Jack Nicholls, Jolyon Palmer and Jennie Gow are live on the airwaves for our first practice session of the weekend. You can listen at the top of the page.Posted at 8:538:53’You dedicate your life, no friends, no family, no wife, no kids’Andrew BensonBBC Sport’s chief F1 writer at Yas MarinaMuch of Thursday’s pre-event news conference was
dedicated to Fernando Alonso, with Lewis Hamilton for once a little out of the
limelight, and new-for-2019 drivers George Russell and Lando Norris getting the
first taste of how things may ultimately settle down for them next year if
Williams and McLaren cannot make significant steps forward.What would Alonso
miss most once he finally steps out of an F1 car at a grand prix for the last
time on Sunday? “Driving the cars,” he said. “They are something special. It
doesn’t matter if you are 14th or not, being on the podium or winning is an
extra joy, but when you go out for qualifying they are very special and the
technology behind it will be something you cannot find somewhere else. On the
other side there are negative aspects to F1, especially when you are here 19
years. You dedicate your life, you have no friends, no family, no wife,
no kids. I have other priorities now.”Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesPosted at 8:478:47Post updateAlonso has a pretty car to mark his final Formula 1 weekend.McLarenCopyright: McLarenPosted at 8:468:46Get InvolvedTweet us via #bbcf1We’re asking you the obvious question: how great is Alonso?And amid the news that Robert Kubica is coming back to Formula 1 for Williams, tell us your thoughts via the usual method.
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