Afghan leader rejects foreign interference as talks advance

Afghan leader rejects foreign interference as talks advance

OSLO: The suspect in a weekend shooting at a mosque near Oslo, has not given any explanation for his actions, police said Sunday.
The suspect, armed with multiple weapons, opened fire in the mosque but one person there managed to overpower him, suffering “minor injuries” in the process.
Shortly after the attack Saturday the body of a young woman related to the suspect was found in a home in the suburb of Baerum where the shooting took place.
Police said they have opened a murder probe into a “suspicious death.”
Police said Sunday they had tried to question the suspect, described as a “young man” with a “Norwegian background” who was living in the vicinity but he did not want to “give an explanation to police.”
“He therefore hasn’t taken any position in regards to the charge,” acting chief of the police operation Rune Skjold said in a statement, adding that a press conference was scheduled at midday (1000 GMT).
On Saturday, Norwegian media reported that the suspect was believed to have put up a post to an online forum hours before the attack where he seemingly praised the assailant in the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand in March, when 51 people where killed.

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