ATP Finals: Djokovic v Zverev – watch & listen

Got a TV Licence?You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC programmes on iPlayer. It’s the law.Find out moreSummaryNovak Djokovic v Alexander Zverev at London’s O2 ArenaWatch BBC Two coverage and listen to online radio commentaryWorld number one Djokovic seeking sixth Tour Finals titleSerbian not dropped a set all week – and beat Zverev in group stagesGerman Zverev, 21, seeking first season-ending titleGet involved using #bbctennisLive ReportingBy Emma SandersAll times stated are UKGet involvedSend a text to 81111 (charged at your standard message rate)Twitter: Use the hashtag #bbctennisFacebook: BBC SportPosted at 18:4018:40Post updateJonathan JurejkoBBC Sport at the O2As expected, serve has been king so far. Both players have dropped three points in total in their three service games so far.Posted at 18:3818:38Post update*Djokovic 3-3 ZverevThat’s four aces from the German already. None yet for Novak. Posted at 18:3818:38Post update*Djokovic 3-3 ZverevBoris BeckerThree-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TVIt’s getting physical out there, both players have to work a lot to win points. Indoor tennis used to be boring…Posted at 18:3718:37Zverev holds*Djokovic 3-3 ZverevDjokovic pushes Zverev deep and it results in the German’s forehand falling behind the baseline. Zverev’s first overhead slam is then lofted back into court by Djokovic but the world number five smashes the second volley into the corner. He follows that up with an ace. 30-15. Djokovic uncharacteristically slices his backhand into the net. 40-15. And Zverev holds with another ace. Posted at 18:3418:34’It’s his rhythm’Djokovic 3-2 Zverev*Boris BeckerThree-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TVDjokovic bouncing the ball drove me crazy when I was his coach, it drives me crazy now. It’s a habit, it’s his rhythm. He says, ‘I just get into it, I don’t think about it’. It’s just what he does.Posted at 18:3218:32Djokovic holdsDjokovic 3-2 Zverev*Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesDjokovic’s first unforced error draws Zverev level at 15-15. The Serb comes into the net but can only block the shots fired at him until his forehand at the body flops into the netting.A pacey backhand down the line is almost touched over the net by Zverev but it falls inches short and the German swings his racquet in frustration. 30-30. Zverev then flops a backhand into the net and Djokovic holds when the German’s slice falls into the same spot. Posted at 18:3218:32Post updateJonathan JurejkoBBC Sport at the O2Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesQuite a muted atmosphere in the O2. It has been all week to be honest.Most of the blue-seats in the bowl have bums on them, apart from a few in the posh seats in the lower tier.Spotted a few Serbia flags being wafted, not much visible German support. Germany and Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos was here to watch Djokovic the other night, but he’s lost his spot to that Beckham fella tonight…Posted at 18:3118:31Get Involved*Djokovic 2-2 ZverevJoel Newnham: I think we’ll see these two again
in the Australian Open final in two months.Get in touch using #bbctennis on Twitter or via
text on 81111.Posted at 18:2918:29’A good start’*Djokovic 2-2 ZverevTim HenmanFormer British number one on BBC TVAfter the round-robin match that Djokovic won 6-4 6-1, it’s important that Zverev asserted himself early on because that second set was a bit of a lesson. It’s a good start from both players.Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesPosted at 18:2918:29Post update*Djokovic 2-2 ZverevSome tasty points on show already!Posted at 18:2918:29Zverev holds*Djokovic 2-2 ZverevA quick one-two punch brings Zverev onto the board before he sends an excellent backhand wide into the corner. Only Djokovic could reach it – and he does – lobbing Zverev and winning the point. Zverev responds with an ace and moves up to 40-15 with a controlled, soft touch at the net. He rounds it off with a neat forehand down the line which Djokovic sends into the cords.ReutersCopyright: ReutersPosted at 18:2518:25Ball boy BecksDjokovic 2-1 Zverev*David Beckham is courtside tonight for the final and looks ready to show off his catching skills. Remember when he caught a ball during a doubles match at Wimbledon in 2015? ReutersCopyright: ReutersPosted at 18:2518:25Djokovic holdsDjokovic 2-1 Zverev*Djokovic is up to 30-0 quickly thanks to two long returns from Zverev – one confirmed by an unsuccessful challenge. Zverev tries to catch Djokovic out with backspin down the line but the world number one fizzes it back across court and holds to love with an accurate wide serve.Posted at 18:2218:22Zverev holds*Djokovic 1-1 ZverevReutersCopyright: ReutersOosh! A fizzing cross-court backhand pushes Djokovic wide and Zverev slams the return into the open court. He goes 30-0 up when Djokovic sends his return long but fluffs his next forehand as it drops into the net. 30-15. The German moves 40-15 up then serves an ace to hold. So far, so good.Posted at 18:2118:21Post updateDjokovic 1-0 Zverev*Boris BeckerThree-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TVFunnily enough, Zverev’s mother can’t watch any of her son’s matches so she goes out to walk the dog and finds out the result with a phone call after the match.Posted at 18:2118:21Post updateJonathan JurejkoBBC Sport at the O2The jokers are already in the O2.”Come on RA-FA!” shouts one guy seconds before Djokovic serves, then another pipes up with a “Come on Roger”.Novak, who always seems desperate to be as loved as his two rivals, must be raging inside…Posted at 18:1918:19Djokovic holdsDjokovic 1-0 Zverev*Djokovic sends a forehand long and almost goes 30-0 down with a double-fault. He challenges the call and is successful, meaning he gets to replay the point.A lengthy rally then breaks out before Djokovic slams a forehand volley at the net. 15-15. Zverev sends a forehand return long and overcooks the next one before Djokovic wraps up the game when the German’s return falls over the baseline. ReutersCopyright: ReutersPosted at 18:1818:18Edward Ditchfield: Zverev may
be the future, but Djokovic looks like he’s going to stay King of the Hill for
a couple of years yet. The form he is in, I can’t see ANYONE getting past him.Get in touch using #bbctennis on Twitter or via text on 81111.Posted at 18:1518:15Post update*Djokovic 0-0 ZverevJonathan JurejkoBBC Sport at the O2BBC SportCopyright: BBC SportThe O2 fan-meter which has been recording the noise levels of the crowd cheering all week isn’t cranked into action as the players warm up.My ear reckons Djokovic won that battle. Zverev, after ‘Boo-gate’, is given a very warm welcome, probably because those here tonight feel embarrassed on the part of yesterday’s crowd…Posted at 18:1418:14Post update*Djokovic 0-0 ZverevThis is it. Final time! Who will come out on top?*Denotes the serverGetty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images
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