AUB update its WhatsApp Business service

Ahli United Bank (AUB) launched a WhatsApp transactional Business service update as part of growing AUB’s WhatsApp based service range. The update, according to AUB, includes three distinct features allowing customers to inquire about their account summaries and the last five transactions made with their accounts. Along with enabling money transfers within their AUB accounts including cross currencies by contacting the bank through WhatsApp, AUB WhatsApp Business is identified by a green badge ensuring the security and encryption of messages/transactions. Samih Abutaleb, Group Head Digital Transformation said, “With this we step into the next phase of offering an innovative and interactive digital experience to our customers, setting a base for us to build on for additional services in the future. AUB is the first bank in Bahrain to provide such a service through W h a t s Ap p. It i s p a r t o f our digital transformation strategy.” The service is currently live, and customers can firsthand experience the features of this new digital service.

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