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DUBAI: From bat’s blood to mayonnaise, these traditional beauty hacks from the region are certainly not your average spa treatment and while we don’t recommend you try these without a medical professional’s go-ahead, they are well-worth a read.
Bat’s Blood
It’s possibly an old wives’ tale, but it is said that if you rub bat’s blood on a new born child they will not grow hair, even into adulthood. This one is particularly well-known in Lebanon.
Using mayonnaise as a hair mask treatment is said to have various benefits for your hair, including stimulating hair growth and making it soft and shiny.
Chamomile and lemon
A longstanding hack to make your hair naturally lighter is to mix some chamomile, lemon and water together and sit in the sun for a couple of hours. Does it work? Results vary, but it gives you an excuse to top up your tan!
Labneh is said to have a cooling effect when your skin is sunburnt.

Olive oil
Pure olive oil is said to have a great effect on the skin, keeping it balanced and moisturized.

Many from the Indian subcontinent swear by a paste of turmeric, sandalwood and milk to keep skin bacteria-free and acne-free, as well as balance out uneven skin tone.

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