Dubai-based DJ Lucy Stone dies at 38

Dubai-based DJ Lucy Stone dies at 38

AUTHORS: Chester E. Finn, Jr., and Andrew E. Scanlan

The Advanced Placement program stands as the foremost source of college-level academics for millions of high school students in the US and beyond. More than 22,000 schools now participate in it, across nearly forty subjects, from Latin and art to calculus and computer science. Yet remarkably little has been known about how this nongovernmental program became one of the greatest success stories in K–12 education — until now.

In Learning in the Fast Lane, Chester Finn and Andrew Scanlan, two of the country’s most respected education analysts, offer a groundbreaking account of one of the most important educational initiatives of our time, says a review on the Princeton University Press website. Learning in the Fast Lane traces the story of AP from its mid-20th century origins as a niche benefit for privileged students to its emergence as a springboard to college for high schoolers nationwide, including hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged youth. 

Today, AP not only opens new intellectual horizons for smart teenagers, but also strengthens school ratings, attracts topflight teachers, and draws support from philanthropists, reformers, and policymakers.

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