Exceed unveils range of start-up software solutions tailored to the needs of the regional businesses

Exceed unveils range of start-up software solutions tailored to the needs of the regional businesses

Exceed – a premier IT solutions and training provider, is transforming into a software company with the launch of its unique range of start-up software applications tailored for the corporate environment in the region.

Tailored to solve real challenges for its customers, the high-quality software solutions are light, fast, and easy to use.

Mr. Ahmad Chayati, Founder and General Manager of Exceed, said, “With over 20 years as an IT solutions deployment company, we are in a unique position to understand the pains of our customers and the gap in the current software market. International vendor solutions are often complicated, expensive, and require an army of technical resources to install and maintain. The suite of software solutions we created are designed to require less support and input from IT teams.”

The new solutions from Exceed include Ta7awul – for team alignment & maximising software adoption and usage; Technadopt – the drag and drop digital library; SimpleStrata – for strategy execution and employee performance management; ESP – for dynamic automation and process management; Engage – for systematic project delivery management; and ISP – for invoice management and cash flow visibility.

The exception to their software only model will be nationalization training under their Exceeders Academy to empower Bahraini graduates in the up and coming IT specializations.

Mr. Chayati added: “We are starting this transition from solution implementor to software provider in Bahrain because the nature of the Bahraini market shows that our customers are not only receptive to the kinds of solutions that we are providing, but are keenly interested in simple to use solutions that directly address their business needs.”

How will this transition be made? Exceed will begin selling to Bahraini customers through Al Moayed and Zime, two of the most reputable IT providers in the country and Exceed’s main partners. Under the eXceeders platform, Exceed will also collaborate with partners and customers for the products on their online store.

On asking Mr. Chayati if he believes the software will sell as successfully as Exceed’s services sold in the past, he replied, “We are so sure of the quality of our software solutions that we only charge customers after they benefit from our products. This is how strongly we believe in what we are doing. Relationships between partners and customers have to be results based – everyone needs to benefit.”


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