Films to watch at the Marrakech Film Festival

DUBAI: The Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco boasts a line-up of 14 films from different countries across the world. Now on its 17th edition, the festival runs until Dec. 8.

La Ahad Hunak

Titled Giraffe in English, this Egyptian film follows Ahmed in his surreal city adventure, complicated by an intriguing plot development. Actor Ahmed Magdy wrote and directed the film.


Moroccan writer-director Mohcine Besri tells a dramatic tale of a group of Moroccans in a Casablanca hospital in this 85-minute debut feature.

The Load

This Serbian war drama centers on a truck driver on his way to deliver a top-secret cargo amidst the Balkan wars of the 1990s. The film is also part of Cannes’ Directors’ Fornight.

Look at Me

Directed by Tunisian filmmaker Néjib Belkadhi, this 98-minute drama follows 40-year-old Lotfi who is forced to confront issues involving his autistic son who grew up without him.

Vanishing Days

The routine life of a small family in southern China during the summer of 2009 was disturbed by a boat-woman who tells bizarre stories of adventure in this film directed by Xin Zhu.


American director Kent Jones follows widow Diane’s daily struggles, as she lives her numbered days. Actor Maty Kay Place delivers a commendable performance in this profound story about the passage of time. 

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