Health minister interacts with the public

Manama, May 18 (BNA): Health Minister Sadiq AbdulKarim Al Shehabi announced the reactivation of his blog via the eGovernment portal (, in line with the Health Ministry’s commitment to enhance channels of communication with the public and strengthen transparency.

The minister will address full spectrum of topics that are related to the ministry, specifically the ministry’s commitment to enhance effective communication with patients and their families, as well as the continuous efforts of evaluating the health services patients receive. In addition, their dedication to resolving problems patients receive and positively improve clinical outcomes for the patients. Also, the many innovative and ambitious plans included in the Government Action Plan to extensively develop the healthcare service.

The minister will also highlight preventive healthcare – enhanced projects and initiatives. He will also discuss primary and secondary healthcare, follow-ups on its implementation in accordance with governance indicators.
In this context, Dr. Al Shehabi emphasized that the Kingdom’s health service sector has received high importance from the wise leadership. The efforts exerted in this regard are underway towards further development and improvement in terms of health services delivered by the public or private sectors in line with internationally-recognized standards and best practices with a core focus on ensuring that high-quality healthcare services are delivered for nationals, expatriates and visitors of Bahrain.

The minister stated that the blog is a platform utilised for direct communication to enhance public partnership and transparency, listen to their feedback and identify their needs without any barriers. The blog will provide the public with the opportunity to strive to ensure that services are optimally delivered with a view to create a healthy environment.

Everyone can take part in the blog via the portal ( – a communication channel that enhances participation, enables customers to gain prompt response with decision-makers by receiving their valuable views and feedback, as well as plays a part in formulating relevant solutions and decisions. The eGovernment Authority (eGA) will soon launch other blogs of Bahrain’s officials.

The blog also previously involved participations of Education Minister Dr. Majid bin Ali Al-Naimi, former Social Development Minister Dr. Fatima bint Mohammed Al Bloushi, along with eGA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Qaed who were also engaged with the public.

For further inquiries, please contact the National Contact Centre which is available 24/7 on 8000 8001, or reach the ‘Tawasul’ system by visiting


BNA 1244 GMT 2015/05/18

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