Iraqi politician slams protestors, calls them ‘monkeys’

Iraqi politician slams protestors, calls them ‘monkeys’

DUBAI: Former Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Siniora said Thursday the country will see ‘significant change’ if Saad Hariri includes a technocratic cabinet.

“(Hariri) was chained by the political parties and was not allowed to do anything. I think he was a victim of the system. He deserves one more chance,” Siniora said in an interview with UAE news agency WAM.

“We can see a significant change (If Hariri forms a technocratic government),” he added. A technocratic government is lead by officials selected based on their expertise in a given area.

He said Hariri, who resigned in October amid nationwide protests, would return as prime minister if he could lead a government of technocrats, which was one of the demands from the protesters. He added it will bring a “difference” to the country.

However, Hezbollah and other political groups have rejected the proposal.

Siniora, who was Lebanon’s PM from 2005 to 2009, said the country’s problem worsened because politicians wanted to have full control on the government.

“The situation is very delicate and we need a solution at the earliest,” he said.

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