Jurgen Klopp celebration: One for the ages or ‘absolutely shocking’ behaviour?

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Liverpool 1-0 Everton: Klopp apologies for running on pitch after winner

“Alisson was surprised – you should have seen his eyes!”Liverpool’s Brazilian goalkeeper wasn’t the only one. Nobody could quite believe their eyes when Jurgen Klopp sprinted on to the Anfield pitch in celebration at Divock Origi’s crazy stoppage-time winner in the Merseyside derby.It was a truly bizarre goal. Virgil van Dijk’s shot looked to be looping harmlessly out of play, but dropped back down and, with England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford making a mess of tipping it clear, Origi was on hand to head in the loose ball and send home manager Klopp on an impromptu sprint on to the playing field.The former centre-back certainly had a bit more pace than another famous touchline incursion in Premier League history.

Manchester United assistant Brian Kidd celebrated on his knees when Steve Bruce scored a late winner in the first Premier League seasonBut were you shocked by Klopp? Or did you love the passion? Reaction was divided…Football Daily: Pickford’s derby day debacleMatch report: Origi’s crazy winner settles Merseyside derby’I apologise but I couldn’t stop myself’Klopp broke the rules of the game by entering the pitch, with managers confined to the technical area around the dugouts “except in special circumstances”.

Jurgen Klopp sprinted on to the pitch and into the arms of goalkeeper Alisson before returning to the sidelineHe was quick to apologise after the match and added that he would wait for any Football Association reaction.”I have to apologise because I didn’t want to be disrespectful but I couldn’t stop myself. It just happened,” he said.”I’m not sure what the FA has to do in a situation like this but I will have to wait.”If I could describe how I felt when the goal went in, then I would have control over it. We don’t want to look for excuses but that’s how it is. “The plan was not to run [on to the pitch to celebrate]. When I chose to stop I was close to Alisson. He was surprised!”BBC 5 live summariser Robbie Savage said that he had “never seen anything like it”, while Silva had no issue with Klopp’s actions.”I didn’t see Klopp’s reaction and if we scored that goal and had been so lucky I might have done the same,” he said.”I didn’t see any disrespect.”Is there a cultural difference too? In 2017, Klopp’s former Borussia Dortmund assistant David Wagner was banned for two games for running down the touchline to celebrate a winner against Leeds.He said: “In British culture it seems to be disrespectful if I celebrate with my players – it is different in Germany to be fair,”‘Absolutely shocking, Klopp should be punished’But not everybody was so forgiving.Former England full-back Danny Mills was scathing of Klopp’s behaviour on BBC Radio 5 live.”I would like to think that Jurgen Klopp will get into trouble for that,” he said.

Everton boss Marco Silva said he had no problem with Klopp’s reaction after the game”If other managers do that – and we know one in particular – he’d get absolutely slaughtered.”I think it’s absolutely shocking what Jurgen Klopp does. Ok, go down the touchline a little bit, come out of your technical area, celebrate with your staff on the bench – I don’t have a problem with that at all.”But to run into the middle of the pitch, I think it’s disrespectful to Everton.”There are so many managers that get absolutely hammered but Klopp is very media friendly, everybody seems to love him and he can’t do anything wrong.”You cannot go on to the middle of the pitch, no matter what the circumstances.”‘We are consoling Jordan’

Jordan Pickford was ‘unlucky’ in the way he conceded the late goal, said team-mate Michael KeaneFor Pickford, the goal was a low point for one of England’s World Cup heroes. He had made a fine save in the first half to deny Xherdan Shaqiri but totally misjudged Van Dijk’s wild shot to gift Liverpool two points.”Everyone is devastated and silent in the dressing room, we are consoling Jordan,” said defender Michael Keane.”He got unlucky. He has been brilliant for us. Everyone is devastated because of the work we put in. We had our chances and came close. We are devastated for ourselves and the fans.””We will analyse the moment with Jordan, it was a bad moment for him,” said Silva.”But I told him he has done many amazing things. It was a lucky day for Liverpool.”

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‘I don’t understand how he thinks he can catch that’ – Wright on Pickford error

‘Nothing wrong with that’How you reacted on #bbcfootball or 81111.Khan Karn: Nothing wrong with that kind of celebration, any manager would do it in the last minute of a cup final. Worldwide we have seen it so many times, with no retrospective action either.James, Somerset: Alex Ferguson did it in ’93. Nobody batted an eyelid. Stop sensationalising a sudden burst of relief and emotion.Neil Harris: Agree with Danny Mills, why allow emotion in a football match? Why spoil a sterile, serious game with a hint of celebration and fun, just because there was a 96th-minute winner? Shouldn’t be allowed.Andy Tilly: Silly of Klopp doing that but you know what Bill Shankly used to say: Never give up until the final second.Callum, Nottingham: Can’t wait to hear everyone praising Klopp’s display of ‘passion’. If that was Mourinho, he’d be absolutely slaughtered. Dan Jones: Don’t normally agree with Danny Mills but he’s bang on about Klopp running on to the pitch. If it was Mourinho/Warnock/Benitez etc, everyone would be making a big thing about it. The FA need to be fair instead of letting the likes of Klopp/Pep etc get away with things…

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