Meet the Saudi designer using music to spark innovation

DUBAI: The fourth edition of Dubai Design Week wrapped up on Saturday, but not before innovative Saudi designer Al Johara Beydoun held a workshop on how to translate music into design.Armed with a BA in interior design and an MA in urban design, Beydoun is the founder of Ink; — a Jeddah-based multidisciplinary design studio that merges art, design and science with a focus on urban design, architecture, interiors and furniture design.Beydoun hosted Saturday’s class, which was held as part of Dubai Design Week’s 230 events.

Al Johara Beydoun. (Photo courtesy: Muhummad Bajniad) 

“The workshop aims to teach participants a new method of translating music into design and utilizing music as a concept generator tool,” she told Arab News before her session.“Workshop participants will learn the process of creating a space inspired by the emotional journey a musical piece can evoke… participates will learn how to reflect, fragment and formulate a design from concept to a result,” she added.Beydoun expanded further on what it means to be a good designer and the importance of seeking inspiration from a wide array of sources.“To be a good designer is to be a good storyteller. We create design solutions based on visual stories and we create with a blend of art, science, mathematics and literature,” she said of her Saudi Arabia-based studio.As one of only a handful of Saudi designers taking part in the fair, Beydoun recognized the inherent opportunity to fly the flag for her home country.

Participants were taught how to use music as a tool. (Image supplied)

“It’s important to show the world what Saudi Arabia has to offer. I believe that there are many talents that need to be in the spotlight and showcased, hence why I chose to participate in Dubai Design Week. In such events, we are not only showcasing our talent… but also the beauty of our beliefs and identity.”

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