NBB continues support and engagement with UCO Parents Care Centre

National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) today announced its ongoing support for UCO Parents Care Centre where they provide care and housing for the elderly whose families are not able to take care of. The Bank, represented by its Chief Executive – Treasury, Capital Markets & Wealth Management, Mr. Hussain Al Hussaini, presented the Centre’s General Manger, Mrs. Reema Ahmed bin Shams, with a donation cheque in line with NBB’s ongoing commitment to social care and its robust Donations and Contributions Programme. Also in attendance was NBB Board Secretary, Mr. Nasser Mohammed Nasser, and staff and members of the Centre, which provides day care to the elderly.  The visit involved NBBs management socializing with the members of the Centre in which they discussed the organization’s wide range of activities and explained the Bank’s focus on greater direct involvement.  Commenting, Mr. Hussain Al Hussaini, said, “We are proud of NBB’s ongoing cooperation and engagement with UCO Parents Care Centre and its tremendous contributions to social care in Bahrain. The Centre’s efforts are aligned with NBB’s own focus on getting closer to our community and supporting initiatives that help to enhance health, education and the general welfare of the population across all segments of society. Our donation reflects the importance of the work being done by the Centre to support families in Bahrain and aims to help in the expansion of the services it provides in order to meet the needs of an even greater number of families and elderly beneficiaries.”  On behalf of Board of Directors and members of the Centre, Mrs. Shams expressed deep appreciation to the NBB Board of Directors and Mr. Durand for the Bank’s continued support, noting the important role that NBB, and the private sector more broadly, plays in ensuring that the Centre is well equipped and has the resources required to provide high quality care to Bahrain’s elderly. Related

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