NGN supports Bahrainis to obtain qualitative Jobs

NGN Training Center organized a workshop with the aim of introducing young Bahraini graduates and job seekers to the requirements of the labor market and develop their knowledge and skills. The workshop focused on helping fresh graduates to navigate the battlefield of working life smoothly in a competitive job market that is always looking for the best, in addition to achieving more convergence between job seekers’ aspirations, and what companies and institutions require in the job market. During the workshop, the participants were also introduced to the types of professional sectors that suit their specialties and were trained to gain experience and skills for submitting their Curriculum Vitae and successfully passing a job interview. The workshop was organized in cooperation with “Magra”, a Bahraini online platform created for young and student job seekers to find a professional job based on passion, achievement and all aspects of expertise. The CEO of “NGN” Mr. Yacoub AlAwadhi said that this workshop is aligned with Institute’s efforts to give preference to the Bahrainis and enhance their opportunities to be the first choice in employment in the labor market, through sustainable jobs and equal opportunities according to the needs of the labor market. Mr. AlAwadhi added, “We have taken it upon ourselves to help job seekers and provide them with career guidance in order to obtain the appropriate job and help them easily engage in the labor market by gaining sufficient work experience, in addition to encouraging business owners and companies to employ Bahraini calibers.”

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