Riffa Golf Club


Riffa Golf Club

Construction work has started on the first 18-hole green course in Bahrain. US-based Karl Litton, one of the leading golf course designers, has designed the BD 7 million ($18.6m) Riffa Golf Course. The Riffa Golf Club is being constructed to professional Golf Association standards with the first seven holes on a dramatic Wadi terrain and remaining 11 holes lay out around and over four lakes. The nearly 63 hectares (155 acre) site for the new golf course on undeveloped land has been carefully chosen for both access and terrain. The course is par 72 and is 6.286m (6.875 yards) in length with some 24 hectares (60 acres) of grass and will landscaped with palms and shrubbery to give a tropical feeling in the desert terrain. Environment will be cheered to know that the green terrain will be watered and irrigated by using recycled wastewater brought in from the sea, factories and various plants, and not precious water destined for public consumption. Doing what is ecological correct has been as important to the committee as creating a course of International caliber.


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