Rug Shopping in Adliya

Rug Shopping in Adliya

To round off a perfect days shopping, head for the suburb of Adliya, in particular Osama Bin Zaid Avenue, where you can stroll along the pavement soaking in the sights of rugs from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. Venture into any of the shops and they will gladly unveil mountains of rugs with a dazzling variety of patterns and colours.

You will find out about the origin of the rugs, whether they are made of silk, wool or a combination of both, hear tales about the people who make them, discover the meaning of the different designs and be informed of the number of knots per square centimetre, a good indicator of quality.

You will find it hard to resist as the selection of rugs is unlikely to be surpassed elsewhere. Of course, bartering, usually over refreshments, is a must. As a reward for your exertions, Adliya’s fine selection of caf’s and restaurants beckons, a relaxing way to end your first day of shopping.

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