SCW and partners discuss preparations for the launch of 2023-2030 plan


The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) held four work meetings with various partners from the public and private sectors, and discussed with them the results of the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women (2013-2022). The meetings are within the efforts to evaluate the 10-year plan and get prepared to launch the new plan. They are also based on the outcomes of last November’s National Forum to discuss Bahrain’s second National Gender Balance Report, whose recommendation the SCW and its partners seek to turn into policies, action plans and programmes aimed at bridging gaps and developing performance indicators at the level of gender balance. The participants discussed the main programmes and initiatives implemented within the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women (2013-2022), regarding family stability in the social and economic fields, life-long learning and quality of life. The visions of the SCW’s partners regarding the initiatives and proposed measurement indicators of the next national plan (2023-2030) were also discussed. Commenting, SCW Secretary-General, Hala Al-Ansari, said that the meetings are in line with the SCW’s keenness to develop the mechanisms of evaluation and planning. Al-Ansari indicated that the SCW has already developed an integrated executive programme for the coming period in preparation for the announcement of the details of the upcoming National Plan for the Sustainability of the Advancement of Bahraini Women (2023-2030), including meetings with all stakeholders, given the positive indicators of the National Gender Balance Report, which is based on the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women. She added that the SCW, within the framework of its constitutional obligations and national responsibilities, is committed to supporting all state institutions and entities in implementing this plan, to ensure that work strategies are aligned with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 and the government’s action plan, foremost of which is the Economic Recovery Plan with its qualitative strategies in all development sectors. Al-Ansari also affirmed that the SCW, while preparing for the launch of the new plan, will do its utmost to benefit from the best regional and international practices and trends, in accordance with the kingdom’s commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030, so as to improve Bahrain’s international standing in the field of women advancement. Post Views: 106

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