Skincare sisters: Palestinian duo seek to harness nature’s power 

Skincare sisters: Palestinian duo seek to harness nature’s power 

DUBAI: The healing and hydrating powers of nature are at the heart of Toulane Essentials. 

Inspired by her grandparents’ use of natural oils, Eman Al-Sherif, founder of the UAE-based skincare label, launched her brand with the help of her sister, the social media influencer Dina Al-Sherif, in 2018. 

Being Palestinian, Eman said she grew up learning to take care of her skin. “In our family, we always used to use the Nabulsi soap that is made of olive oil on our bodies and hair,” she added. 

Her sensitive skin was her motive to start making her own skincare mixes at home. Eman then wanted to share her recipes with the world. 

The entrepreneur wanted everyone to feel good about their own skin. “Everyone has natural flaws, that’s normal. But nowadays, with social media, everyone is affected (by) perfection in the beauty industry.”

According to Eman, Toulane Essentials aspires to teach everyone about self-acceptance along with the importance of using skincare products. “It is fine to have natural flaws. We all do. But we need to actually work on improving them,” she said. 

Eman also said the brand, with ingredients imported from countries such as the United States, Turkey and France, addresses both medical concerns and beauty issues. “Our products can be used before makeup in a cosmetic way, and at the same time our products can actually treat minor skin problems like scars, irritation and redness,” she explained. 

Eman started working on her first product, the Rose Elixir, in 2016. “This beauty balm can be used on any dry area. It is good (for) reducing under-eye dark circles.” It can also be used as a lip balm and to soften nail cuticles. 

With no fragrances, preservatives or artificial chemicals, the brand has formulated a fusion of natural oils to benefit all skin types. 

Toulane Essentials is also planning to launch a beard oil to encourage more men to use its products.

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