The Match: Woods v Mickelson

Got a TV Licence?You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC programmes on iPlayer. It’s the law.Find out moreSummaryWinner will receive $9m (£7m) in prize moneyWoods and Mickleson have won 19 majors between themTaking place at Shadow Creek in Las VegasLive ReportingBy Jonathan JurejkoAll times stated are UKGet involvedSend a text to 81111 (charged at your standard message rate)Twitter: Use the hashtag #bbcgolfFacebook: BBC SportPosted at 21:3821:38Post updateMickelson 1 up (6)If Pat Perez was involved here then a dollar for every cuss picked up by the mics would easily top the amount raised by Mickelson and Woods’ side bets.Posted at 21:3621:36Post updateMickelson 1 up (6)JT wants a bit more entertainment…Posted at 21:3321:33Sixth hole halvedMickelson 1 up (6)”Blocked it,” is Tiger’s response to his opening salvo. He pushed it right and has about four feet back.Phil for the hole… nope, his ball squirts left.Tiger for the half, confident putt, no signs of any hangover from that miss on the first.Posted at 21:3121:31Post updateMickelson 1 up (5)..and these two boys know how to play. They aren’t the best two players of their generation for nothing you know.And they’ve still got it. Both men nail their approach shots to the sixth green, both within 10 feet and both putting for birdies…Posted at 21:2921:29Post updateMickelson 1 up (5)Say what you like about this event but one thing is for sure: people are talking about it. And isn’t that what golf needs?On Twitter, #TheMatch is trending top worldwide and in the United Kingdom…Posted at 21:2621:26Post updateMickelson 1 up (5)Mickelson is nailing his driver. Leftie lumps another tee shot on to the fairway. That’s four in four. Woods, this time, follows suit and is a few yards ahead.No spectators were allowed to buy tickets for the event, but there is a healthy number of people milling about on the course.Family, friends, sponsors, Willy Wonka golden ticket winners…Posted at 21:2221:22Thoughts so far? Still better than Harry Redknapp being showered in cockroaches in my opinion. But maybe not as entertaining as a Friday date night…Tell me what you think #bbcgolf. Please.Posted at 21:1721:17Fifth hole halvedMickelson 1 up (5)Tiger is doing more sighing than someone with a heavy hangover. The former world number one has a monster of a birdie putt, reaching for the course card to work out what the read is.It’s not a bad effort but leaves Mickelson with a golden opportunity to go two up…He’s got the line but he hasn’t hit it. “Oh my gosh! I didn’t think that was possible,” says Lefty.Tiger for the half… nailed it. “Solid.”Posted at 21:1321:13Vince Kenny: Always liked Eddie Pepperell.

He is now in my top three.

As long as charities do benefit this “event” can’t do harm really.

I love the fact he voiced his true thoughts.

I now look forward to Eddie, Phil and Tiger on the 1st at Augusta.

I WOULD pay to watch that!Posted at 21:1221:12Post updateMickelson 1 up (4)”Be the right club today!” Mickelson channels his inner Hal Sutton. He likes it. Leftie is about seven feet away. Over to you Tiger…Woods hits the dancefloor, but is shyly tapping his foot on the edge of it, rather than busting out some shapes alongside Mickelson.That’s the $100k sidebet going into Phil’s pocket.Posted at 21:0921:09Post updateMickelson 1 up (4)Let the games begin! Our first par-three of the day sees the players lay down a challenge.”Let’s put 100 on it.”That’s $100,000. Closest to the pin on 137-yarder… Imagine if one of them aces it!Posted at 21:0721:07Post updateMickelson 1 up (4)Posted at 21:0721:07Fourth hole halvedMickelson 1 up (4)Mickelson wanders up to the green… he fancies holing this. It’s good from Leftie… but it’s not right. Both players are about the same distance away. Gimmes?There’s a bit of a standoff as both players mark and replace their balls before the other tells him to pick it up. Birdies apiece and Phil still leads.”Heck of a shot you hit there,” says Mickelson. “Thanks bud!”Posted at 21:0321:03Post updateMickelson 1 up (3)Woods knocks his second shot out of the rough on to the edge of the fairway, while Mickelson is on the bank of a bunker to the right of the green. Not a great stance for Leftie…Tiger sticking one close from here would ramp up the pressure on his great rival. About 110 yards out, sand wedge in hand… perfect. A hop, a skip and a check leaves within a few feet of a birdie. We’ve seen him do that before…Posted at 21:0021:00Post updateMickelson 1 up (3)Problem is we’ve not heard any trash talking or ‘banter’ between the pair yet. Hearing the players talk to their caddies is quite interesting – Mickelson talking about wanting to whistle a two-iron towards the fourth green – although we do get to hear a bit of that anyway nowadays.Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesPosted at 20:5820:58The beginning of ‘new’ golf?Not all pros agree with Pepperell though…Posted at 20:5720:57Putrid and pathetic?England’s Eddie Pepperell was even more vocal in his assessment of tonight’s match, calling it a “putrid attempt at attention” and labelling it “pathetic”.And that wasn’t all…”Tiger vs Phil is like Mayweather vs McGregor,” he tweeted.”Except on their day, there are 100 golfers who *could* beat Tiger/Phil. Not true of Boxing. When fewer people swallow bigger portions of the pie, inequality beckons.”Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesPosted at 20:5620:56Post updateMickelson 1 up (3)On to the fourth then. The first par-five of the round. Still no side-bets being wagered by either man.Mickelson spanks his tee-shot on to the fairway, close to the water running down the left of the hole. Woods knocks his somewhere he doesn’t want to be. It’s dry though. Off to the right somewhere.Tiger’s microphone has largely been picking up heavy sighs….Posted at 20:5220:52Shane Daly: This is solely a cash grab. I’m gona say this first, next year Connor McGregor will challenge Tiger Woods to a round of golf. What’s next? A two car battle Formula 1 race? Stirling Moss vs Jackie Stewart?Adam Jones: Everyone getting upset about #thematch, what’s the difference between this an a tennis / snooker exhibition? Nice to see something different and more relaxed!Posted at 20:5120:51Thomas tempted in…He said he wasn’t watching!!
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