The Sicily of the Leopard in Piraino’s Collection

vent :The Sicily of the Leopard in Piraino’s Collection

Organizer :BH Culture Authority

Date :21st April 2015 to 21st July 2015

Venue :Bahrain National Museum –Hall 1

Description :


Official Opening: 21 April 2015, 7:00pm
Open Daily: 22 April – 21 July 2015, 8:00am – 8:0pm

Driven by his passion for art, Professor Piraino has spent his life compiling garments and accessories. The prestigious Piraino collection consists of a wide variety of costumes, headdresses and accessories from Sicily and Europe that date to the eighteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. It also includes some rare examples from the reputable fashion houses Christian Dior and Worth.
From the 1980s to date, the Piraino collection has been showcased on numerous occasions in Palermo and in museums worldwide. It is the first time, however, that the collection is exhibited in the Middle East. The display at the National Museum of Bahrain coincides with the “Grand Italian Ball of the Leopard” and features ten exquisite handmade garments, originally owned by the Sicilian Aristocracy during the time of “Gattopardo” in 1860.
The current selection illustrates the craftsmanship of the artisans of that time and the sophistication of the Sicilian society.

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