The Six: Black Friday deals

JEDDAH: Saudi Swag is a fashion boutique in Jeddah that features exclusive clothing brands promoting a particular type of stylish streetwear.A concept store established in 2014, it was founded by Jeddah native Turki Al-Harbi, who wanted to offer customers an exclusively independent and artistic style of clothing to complement the strong personalities and expressive fashion sense of his peers.Saudi Swag offers independent designer brands and products for men and women. Its fashion is diverse; from casual pants, T-shirts and hoodies, to more decorative designer swimwear, shorts, jeans, sneakers, sweatshirts, and jackets.“We now have more than 13 brands and they are all exclusive to us in the Middle East. I used to go to concept stores in Paris; that was my biggest inspiration. To watch every single detail and feel their vibe and hope that one day I could have that same vibe in my store. Saudi Arabia is evolving rapidly, and it is having a positive impact on the new generation in terms of awareness in fashion – streetwear in particular,” Al-Harbi said.The expression “art imitates life” rings very true with Saudi Swag. Most of its brands are artsy at the core. An example can be found in one designer product that features a black hoodie with the famous “Mona Lisa” framed front and center and engulfed in flames. It is this unconventional approach to their product lines that has given Saudi Swag a cult-like following.There is no question that people’s individual personalities are expressed every day through their fashion sense. After all, like the cars we drive and the music we enjoy, our clothes are, in some way, an extension of ourselves. Concept stores such as Al-Harbi’s Saudi Swag contribute to allowing a generation of creative and artistic individuals to boldly express themselves.Saudi Swag is in Aya Mall. Its business hours are 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Sunday to Friday. Follow the shop on Instagram: @s3odiswag for their latest product features.

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