The Six: Middle Eastern and Muslim Halloween heroes

DUBAI: If you’re not into creepy costumes, why not dress up as one of these Middle Eastern-themed and Muslim characters for Halloween?
NightrunnerThe DC Comics character made his debut in 2011 and is an Algerian immigrant called Bilal Asselah who fights crime in the Clichy-sous-Bois suburb of Paris.

Green LanternIn 2012, DC Comics unveiled the newest addition to the Green Lantern Corp. — a Muslim-American called Simon Baz. Incorrectly painted as a terrorist by the FBI, he begins his journey as a new Green Lantern.

Josiah XMarvel’s Josiah X journeyed to Makkah as part of the comic’s plot, which sees the troubled hero convert to Islam. His father, Isaiah Bradley, was an African-American soldier who was used as a guinea pig in secret experiments to re-create the “Super-Soldier” process that created Captain America.

Black AdamThe supervillain was originally portrayed as an ancient Egyptian named Teth-Adam by DC Comics in the 1940s. The character is set to be revived by Dwayne Johnson in a movie that will reportedly be shot in 2019.

Ms. MarvelKamala Kahn is a teenage Muslim hero who can metamorphically stretch, enlarge or shrink her overall size.

EmaraCreated by cartoonist Fatma Almheiri in the UAE, hijab-wearing crimefighter Emara is the superhero alter ego of a young Emirati girl called Moza.

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