Tiffany’s launching men’s jewelry collection

Tiffany’s launching men’s jewelry collection

The Perfect Weapon consists largely of the retelling of cyberattack incidents that have previously been in the news over the past ten years. 

According to Paul Pillar’s review in the Times, David Sanger’s book is “an encyclopedic account of policy-relevant happenings in the cyberworld (that) stays firmly grounded in real events.”

A review in said the book offers “a stunning and incisive look into how cyber warfare is influencing elections, threatening national security, and bringing us to the brink of global war.”

Reported and written with unprecedented access by New York Times chief Washington correspondent and bestselling author Sanger, The Perfect Weapon takes readers inside war rooms and boardrooms to give the deep-background story of the increasingly pitched battle between nations, their governments, their cyber warriors, and their corporations.

“This is a nice summary of the current situation around cyberwar from an American perspective. This is a scary world where large state players are increasingly intruding US targets,” said  the review.

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