MANAMA: Arabs should not allow arch-enemies to feed on their divisions, the Premier said yesterday.

“We should not allow those who fuel dissension, sedition and civil strife to attain their goals,” said His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

“Wars and conflicts have scarred our region and taken a heavy toll on development policy and peoples,” he said as he received ministers, senior officials and citizens.

He urged an Arab awakening and maximum alertness to stop the cauldron of instability from spilling over amid upheavals rocking the region.

The Premier described GCC member states as peace-loving countries. However, he warned that decisiveness and determination will be required to settle intractable issues and stave off foreign interference.

The Premier urged world co-operation to deal with the regional and international developments from a new angle, highlighting GCC strides in taking collective action.

“Recent developments have shown the leverage and ability of the GCC bloc to lead the Arab awakening and protect the interests of the nation,” he said.

The Premier reviewed with the audience latest developments witnessed by the investment sector in the kingdom.

In this regard, Hilal Conferences & Exhibitions (HCE) chairman Anwar Abdulrahman praised the government’s efforts to provide an investment-stimulating economic environment, especially in the real estate sector.

He described the Premier’s support as a catalyst for the private sector to play a greater role in the economic field.

The Al Awadhi family thanked the Prime Minister for his condolences on the death of Shaikh Ali Ahmed Al Awadhi.

The Premier hailed Bahrainis for their spirit of closely-knit family, stressing that it fostered unity.




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