UK Championship final: O’Sullivan bids for record title v Allen

Got a TV Licence?You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC programmes on iPlayer. It’s the law.Find out moreSummaryRonnie O’Sullivan 7-2 Mark Allen at York BarbicanBest-of-19 final – live on BBC TwoO’Sullivan won five frames in a row to take first session 6-2O’Sullivan after record seventh UK title & 19th Triple CrownAllen seeking first UK titleGet involved: #bbcsnookerLive ReportingBy Stephan ShemiltAll times stated are UKGet involvedSend a text to 81111 (charged at your standard message rate)Twitter: Use the hashtag #bbcsnookerFacebook: Facebook’He should probably have kept that to himself’John Parrott1991 world champion on BBC TwoOn Mark Allen’s open assessment of his own performance in the semi-final against Stuart Bingham…I’m slightly surprised he came in and said this, personally I would want to keep that to myself. Some people just want to go out and tell the world how it is but he should probably have kept that to himself.Posted at 19:4019:40Post updateO’Sullivan 7-2 Allen: 10th frame: 0-56Break over. Out of position, Allen can only roll into the pack. Still more than 80 points on the table.Post updateShamoon HafezBBC Sport at the York BarbicanBy pinching the first frame of the evening session, talk turned to chances of being finished in time for tonight’s I’m A Celeb final on the other channel.But Allen is spoiling the likelihood of that at the moment while in the reds.Posted at 19:3819:38Post updateO’Sullivan 7-2 Allen: 10th frame: 0-43Call it off. A disappointing yellow. Just a frame to win now.Posted at 19:3719:37Post updateO’Sullivan 7-2 Allen: 10th frame: 0-32Four reds, four blacks. Excitement level: pub just opened.Posted at 19:3419:34Breaking news: O’Sullivan misses long potO’Sullivan 7-2 Allen: 10th frame: 0-0By a long way, too. Real chance for Allen.PACopyright: PAPosted at 19:3319:33O’Sullivan wins frame nineO’Sullivan 7-2 AllenThat is six in a row for O’Sullivan, stretching back to about 3pm this afternoon. At what point do we concede that there is no way back for the Northern Irishman?Posted at 19:3119:31Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 65-25No mistake this time. O’Sullivan is going five ahead.Posted at 19:3019:30Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 60-25Now then. One positional problem too many for O’Sullivan. A glimmer of hope for Allen, but neither of the two reds are pottable….Posted at 19:2919:29Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 48-25Cut of a surgeon for a red into the left centre. The cue ball isn’t behaving, though. Two reds and two high-value colours required…Posted at 19:2719:27Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 40-25Get ready for 7-2. Left-handed, then right-handed from the Rocket. Five reds and five blacks will be enough…BBCCopyright: BBCPosted at 19:2519:25Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 23-25As the game of chess gets more intricate, the tension cranks up and the coughs from the crowd become more frequent. This exchange is the difference between 7-2 and 6-3. Miss from Allen, open goal for O’Sullivan coming up…Posted at 19:2319:23Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 23-25PACopyright: PAIt’s going from tactical to scrappy. Both men see long red attempts rattle the jaws. Ronnie screws his face as he prowls. In the audience, a lady in a red jumper has to put her head on the shoulder of the man next to her in order to see around the Rocket. It’s been a while since a ball was potted…Posted at 19:2019:20Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 23-25The carpet around the table looks lush. Grey in colour, the sort you’d like to walk barefoot on. Homely. Tactical battle on. White ball in and out of balk as both men seek safety.Posted at 19:1519:15Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 22-25PACopyright: PAI’d describe the green colour of the back of Allen’s waistcoast as elfish. The sort you might see one of Santa’s helpers decked out in. Festive. Eeessshhh, that’s unfortunate. Powerful cueing into a plant that results in a sunken red, but too many beans to leave a shot on the black. Break over.Posted at 19:1319:13Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 22-16When sporting entrances go wrong?Anthony OShea: Thats a lot of steps to negotiate into the arena! One trip and oops, game over..Posted at 19:1219:12Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 22-0Wrestlemania VIII? Was that Hogan v Sid?Blimey, Ronnie has missed a red along the cushion. Support for Allen…BBCCopyright: BBCMarc Bazeley: The walk down from the top of the Barbican to the table is longer than the Ultimate Warriors’ run-in at Wrestlemainia VIIIPosted at 19:1119:11Post updateO’Sullivan 6-2 Allen: 9th frame: 14-0How must it feel to be in Mark Allen’s position? Basically, you know that four mistakes and you could be toast. Maybe not even that many if O’Sullivan has his potting boots on. Speaking of which, the Rocket is already into his work….
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