What We Are Watching Today: Flavors of Youth

JEDDAH: Flavors of Youth is a new anime feature film produced by CoMix Wave and Haoliners Animation studios. It is a Japanese-Chinese co-production in collaboration with Netflix.

The movie features city life in China, telling three different stories of young Chinese people in three different cities. The movie “explores the simple joys of life through sensual memories and how the beating heart of love cannot be defeated by the flow of time.” 

The first story of this anime trilogy is titled “The Rice Noodles,” a nostalgic narrative of a young Beijing man who recalls his first crush during middle school, his admiration for his grandma, and his profound pleasure in slurping bowls of San Xian noodles.

The second story, “A Little Fashion Show,” is about the closeness of sisterhood in the absence of parents. The protagonist is a successful female model who begins to notice that she is growing older, which influences her career and makes her struggle in the modeling industry.

The third story, “Love in Shanghai,” was the best one in terms of solidness of the story’s structure and narrative, and perhaps its tragedy too; it tells the story of lost childhood love.

There is nothing too meaningful or deep in this movie, but it delivers separate messages that will probably make you reconsider what is important in life.


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