Where We Are Going Today: Haif and Kaif Cafe, for an original Saudi taste

This is as Saudi as it gets. The smell of Arabic coffee sparks your senses as soon as you walk into the all-Arabian-style restaurant, which is filled with colorful Bedouin decorations and artwork.

Haif and Kaif’s menu features many popular Saudi breakfast options and desserts, some of which add a little Western twist, such as the date cheesecake and maraseea (mini pancakes) with pistachio sauce.

This is a great place to have breakfast with your family, as aside from all the delicious food and drink options it offers a homey atmosphere with attentive staff and Bedouin aesthetics that are visually very pleasing.

A personal favorite breakfast dish is the cafe’s shakshouka, a local version of the popular dish that combines scrambled eggs with tomato sauce and vegetables. A slice of Haif and Kaif’s date cake along with some Arabic coffee is also a great treat.

The cafe has two branches in Jeddah, which can be found on Corniche Road in Al-Shatea district and at gate 8 in Red Sea Mall.

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