Where We Are Going Today: Majo’s Sliders

Majo’s Sliders was founded by two ambitious young Saudi entrepreneurs with a love of food, who wanted to share the “slider” food culture with local foodies. 

Located in the Basateen district of Jeddah, the restaurant serves up tasty homemade recipes with a focus on the eponymous slider, a small sandwich served on a bun.

Another specialty on the menu is tacos with a twist, from lemon cajun chicken to garden shrimp. Even the fries are not your normal fare. At Majo’s, they are delicately spiced for a special treat all on their own.

Majo’s food manifesto is proudly displayed on the wall, with one line reading: “Delicious food is everyone’s right!” 

That belief seems to drive everything at Majo’s, with the menu promising such delectable items as BBQ grilled chicken sliders and teriyaki chicken tacos. 

For a sweet finish, Majo’s has a selection of decadent homemade desserts. We recommend the cheesecake. 

The urban chic decor adds to the relaxing dining experience, with brick and concrete walls and minimalist lighting in the form of hanging bulbs.

Majo’s Sliders certainly delivers on its promise by serving up delicious homemade food to all diners.



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