Women’s international – England v Canada

Got a TV Licence?You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC programmes on iPlayer. It’s the law.Find out moreSummaryEngland 15-0 Canada at Castle Park in DoncasterHooker Lark Davies scores both England tries as forwards dominateFlanker Poppy Cleall goes over for third tryFlanker Packer starts in one of 10 changes to England’s sideEngland beat United States 57-5 last weekLive ReportingBy Becky GreyAll times stated are UKGet involvedSend a text to 81111 (charged at your standard message rateTwitter: Use the hashtag #bbcrugbyFacebook: BBC Sport37 minsPost updateEngland 15-0 CanadaCanada go for a long pass out to Harvey on the right wing, but England’s defence holds strong. Canada kick and England go on the attack, but immediately give away a penalty on the halfway line.36 minsPost updateEngland 15-0 CanadaEngland are trying running rugby instead now. Marlie Packer makes good progress, but passes it forward to Poppy Cleall to give Canada a scrum inside their 22.35 minsPost updateEngland 15-0 CanadaAnother slick England line-out and they go for the trusty maul again. Canada are wise to it now though and England make little progress.They send it to their backs, but Attwood loses it forward and Canada kick to clear.33 minsPost updateEngland 15-0 CanadaQuick work from England off the line-out as the backs speed up to take the ball forward, with Smith showing her place.Canada get the turnover though and are on the counter-attack now. They’re penalised at the breakdown yet again and Harrison kicks to touch.32 minsPost updateEngland 15-0 CanadaCanada can’t keep hold of their line-out and England run it up towards the halfway line.Quick hands from Davies to send Scott into the red wall. Attwood goes for a kick through but Canada are quick to react and tap the ball into touch. England line-out inside Canada’s half.31 minsPost updateEngland 15-0 CanadaIt’s a shorter restart from Canada this time and it forces England indiscipline. Canda have the scrum inside England’s half.They get it out safely but Canada are struggling at the breakdown. They’re forced to send more players in to avoid being taken into touch.England concede another penalty though and the visitors kick to touch on the 22.28 minsTry – England 15-0 CanadaPoppy CleallHarrison kicks to touch… could this be a hat-trick for Davies?Another line-out, another drive for England and they make easy progress again. Poppy Cleall manages to claim this one.No luck for Lucy Attwood in front of the sticks today, she hooks another one right.26 minsPost updateEngland 10-0 CanadaEngland are within five metres again. They can’t seem to find a way through without a maul, but win a penalty. The referee’s having a word with Canada captain Laura Russell. He’s not happy with Elissa Alarie.24 minsPost updateEngland 10-0 CanadaCanada string a few phases together, but Abbie Scott’s work at the breakdown is superb and she wins the penalty for England. It’s kicked to touch and England are inside Canada’s 22 again.22 minsTry – England 10-0 CanadaLark DaviesAnother big drive from England, another try. They stay low and barrel through from five metres out. Lark Davies has her hands on the ball again when they go over.20 minsPost updateEngland 5-0 CanadaEngland win the scrum and Harrison sees some space, she puts in a well-weighted kick and Smith, Burford and Attwood all give chase. It comes to nothing, but England win a 5m scrum.18 minsPost updateEngland 5-0 CanadaThe Canada scrum goes nowhere, but they safely get the ball away and boot it into the arms of McKenna.Hannah Botterman puts in an incredible carry, barreling through tackles. That girl’s got pace. She’s surely got a bright future ahead in England’s front row. England are up to Canada’s 22 now, but the visitors get the line-out and clear the ball.15 minsPost updateEngland 5-0 CanadaPlenty of pressure on Canada’s line-out, but they cope well and put in an impressive drive towards the 22. But a wayward pass from Miller goes into touch. England line-out.14 minsPost updateEngland 5-0 CanadaLoose ball inside England’s half and Canada dive onto it. They kick through and Harvey gives chase, but she’s not quite fast enough.Canada go again, but they drop the ball this time. McKenna puts boot to ball and it’s a superb kick – I’d say the best we’ve seen this weekend. It bobbles along perfectly and goes out five metres from the try-line.11 minsTry – England 5-0 CanadaLark DaviesEngland want the try, they’ve kicked to the corner. It’s straight into a maul again from the line-out and they make good progress with captain Hunter pushing from the back.Lark Davies looks to be the woman with her hands on the ball when it goes over.Lucy Attwood’s conversion goes wide.10 minsPost updateEngland 0-0 CanadaEngland get the drive on out of the line-out. They’ve got the advantage but they push on.The ball is spilled and we come back for the penalty.9 minsPost updateEngland 0-0 CanadaDoncaster have clearly taken to women’s rugby, the stands are full.McKenna is again impressive under the high ball and runs it out from the halfway line. Riley spots a slow defender and throws the ball at an offside Canadian defender. England kick to touch and have a line-out on the 22.7 minsPost updateEngland 0-0 CanadaCindy Nelles is too quick out of the scrum for the referee. She’s absolutely floored him. Lesson learned.Canada get another go at the scrum. They get the kick away and McKenna takes it on the run for England.5 minsPost updateEngland 0-0 CanadaCanada have a line-out on the 22, they keep it safe and swing left. The visitors make good progress, but another loose pass and Cornborough is straight onto it for England.An impressive carry from O’Donnell gets the momentum going for England and Wood steams down the right wing. Knock-on by Scott though and Canada have the scrum.3 minsPost updateEngland 0-0 CanadaEngland are on the halfway line but the ball goes loose. Smith does well to collect it, but England give a penalty away.
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