X Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Less Stylish

X Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Less Stylish

Fashion is an art in which we can mix and match our clothing with different styles of colors, patterns, and trends to make it our own. However, there might be times where we might’ve gone over the line with the mixing and matching of different styles of clothing that we often look less stylish.

There are also times where we miss out on small details that are ruining the entirety of our style. Small details such as discolorations, missing buttons, pulled threads, and wrinkles can have a significant impact on our outfit. However, with a little effort and attention, you’ll be able to avoid these fashion mistakes that’ll help make you look more stylish.

Fashion mistakes are common to everyone. Buying clothes that fit our budget because they’re on sale is also a contributing factor that unknowingly makes us commit them. However, knowing what to avoid when buying affordable clothes can still make you look stylish. Thus, here are X fashion mistakes that are making you look less fashionable.

Buying the Wrong Type of Jeans for Your Shape

Jeans are the most accessible and affordable bottom clothing that we could buy in any shop. However, the common mistake that we unknowingly commit that is ruining our fashion is that we often buy jeans that don’t suit our shape. Jeans have varieties of styles that can make or break our outfit depending on how it can transform the appearance of our legs.

Jeans can transform the appearance of our legs because they’re one of the most eye-catching factors of our body. Choosing the most flattering jeans for any man or woman is the best way to making our style look alive. Since there are different types of jeans, you have to experiment to know if they’re comfortable as well as not lacking in form.

Accessories Not Matching the Formality of the Outfit

Accessories such as watches are the best statement pieces that we can wear to complete our outfit. The different styles of watch faces and straps exist so that we can match it to different types of clothing depending on the occasion. Matching the type and design of your watch with the formality of your outfit can also change our appearance.

You must consider different dress codes like casual, black tie, business dress, business casual, and more before wearing a specific watch. You can also check out thewatchcompany.com so that you can find affordable watches with different styles to incorporate for each level of dress code formality.

Not Having Your Clothes Tailored to Fit Your Shape

Wearing oversized clothes can easily make you look stylish. Having your clothes tailored to fit your shape enables you to walk around comfortably. Removing the habit of fixing your clothes all the time because they’re going to different places. Further, wearing oversized clothes can also make you look bigger, which ultimately conceals your silhouette.

Finding a good tailor you can trust is also advisable since you’ll be going to them almost all the time to have your clothes fixed. Oversized clothes can provide comfort. Besides, you can still have a looser fit so that you can have an extra allowance for moving around without getting your clothes ripped.

Having More On-Trend Pieces than Basics

Basics serve as essentials for fashion because you can incorporate different on-trend pieces that change every season. Since on-trend pieces tend to change, having more of them can put your money to waste as well as forcing you to wear them even when the season’s not right.

Basics such as t-shirts, jeans, and cardigan may be boring, but they’re essential pieces of clothing that you can have. They’re the most important because you can pair them with almost any type of clothing that’ll help make your appearance look alive. You can also match them with different styles of shoes to transform your fashion.


Fashion mistakes are unavoidable, especially if you prioritize budget and comfortability. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t avoid making fashion mistakes such as wrong jeans, wrong accessories, oversized clothes, and having little basics. Remember, mix and matching appropriate clothes are the easiest ways to make you look more stylish.


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