Zayani Motors unveils stunning offers on spare parts and service

Offers provided by Zayani Motors, the exclusive distributor of MG and Mitsubishi in Bahrain, are set to impress this summer. Owners of either of the two brands have great benefits in store, within the ongoing promotion for genuine parts and services, which enhance your car experience and contribute to saving costs. Having purchased one of the finest automobiles on the road entails the maintenance of its premium quality. We are more than thrilled to aid you in this matter. Settle for nothing less than genuine parts actually made for your car to preserve its performance, warranty and safety, with the help of our dedicated team of experienced mechanics at Zayani Motors. Genuine Parts of both MG and Mitsubishi are crafted to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance for your vehicle. Paired with our prime Service Contracts, you can guarantee the long-term protection of your investment. In addition, Service Contracts with Zayani Motors come with multiple benefits, giving you your money’s value and more. Customers can receive up to 25% discount in service costs. The contract protects you against unexpected increase in prices during the contract period. Moreover, regular maintenance of your vehicle increases its resale value. Fortify yourself against major breakdowns, with uninterrupted warranty service. Unexpected ownership cost will also be reduced, granting you peace of mind and hassle-free payments, starting from BD299 for MG and BD315 for Mitsubishi. Moreover, the offer covers fixing special vehicle accessories, including the installation of a 4-Point Parking Sensors which are a sure-fire solution to any parking troubles. You can set aside any worries, as every potential collision can be averted. Park your vehicle with ease in even the most crowded and congested areas of your town, completely accident-free, improving your overall driving experience. No modifications are required for the fitment of these sensors. The offer starts from BD65 only, for both MG and Mitsubishi, a highly competitive price. For more details on any of this promotion, kindly contact – 17703300. Related

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